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assignment-books-100x1002Suus Photography has already made several photobooks. For companies it is a positive distinguishing mark to have a photobook from its own organization.

The books will have their focus on photography. That’s why the books will be printed on professional photopaper from Mohawk Fine Papers. In this way Suus gives the book the professional treatment it deserves.

Suus photography is taking care for as well as the photography as the design. Every book is custom-made.

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Framed photos of your company

framed-picturesWould you like to expose the photos Suus made for your company? That is possible. Suus can take care for printing and framing your pictures.

The photos can be printed and framed in different sizes and in different ways.

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Art photos on the wall

kunstfotoIt is possible to expose Framed Art Photos of Suus Photo Art at your companies wall. Each art work is a photo reproduction on Chromaluxe by photographer Suus Sanders. With the Chromaluxe technique dyes are infused directly into a metal panel using sublimation. The result is an artwork with unbelievable clarity and vibrancy that seems to ‘float’ when hanging on a wall.

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